Massive is an all natural bloom booster additive that contains the perfect combination of carbohydrates and NPK ratios.  Massive pushes a flowering plant’s natural sugar manufacturing systems to not only reach its natural maximum potential, but to surpass it.  Massive has been developed and thoroughly trialled in hundreds of licensed cultivation facilities, under both the MMAR and the new ACMPR controlled drug substances act in Canada, with 100% success rate.


Massive is unique in that is contains an uncommon carbohydrate blend derived from natural sources of bees waste and bees wax.  Carbohydrates are utilised during photosynthesis, and in plants serve two purposes:

They’re the building blocks for plant structural components such as cellulose (used in the building of a plant’s cell walls), but also serve as the molecules that deliver energy throughout a plant’s system in order for it to grow to (and surpass) its maximum potential.

Massive also contains triacontanol, a natural plant growth regulator found in bees waste.  Triacontanol enhances the physiological efficiency of plant sells and exploits the genetic potential of your plants.  Triacontanol (TRIA) is proven to increase and enhance terpene production, flavonoid production, flowering sites, flower size and most importantly flower MASS.

Massive also contains potassium which is essential in the activation of up to 80 enzymes that regulate various plant functions, including the opening and closing of stoma which is necessary for the proper exchange of CO2 into water and oxygen.  This gas exchange process plays a key part in photosynthesis by drawing in carbon dioxide to convert into starches and sugards.  As a result of its role in photosynthesis, potassium aids in the update of phosphorus and in the conversion of it into energy.  Phosphorus plays a key role throughout all essential plant functions including energy transfer, photosynthesis and nutrient movement throughout the plant.  A lack of potgassium will directly effect the end yield, while the right amount of it at the proper stages in yoru plants life will greatly increase the effectiveness of your plants natural functins.


HYDROPONICS:  Use Massive at 5ml per litre of water at onset of flowering and throughout cycle and should be used in conjunction with a base hydroponic nutrient.  Reduce your base nutrients by 300-400ppm when using Massive.

SOIL:  Use Massive only at 10ml per litre of water 1-2 times per week at the onset of flowering and right throughout the flowering cycle (poor quality soils require more/rich and well prepared soils require less).  Reduce usage if tip burn occurs.

Sizes available: 1L, 5L & 25L


SKU N981
Brand Green Planet
Shipping Weight 7.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.350m
Shipping Height 0.150m
Shipping Length 0.250m
Shipping Cubic 0.013125000m3
Unit Of Measure ea

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