Pay With Afterpay

Date Posted:5 December 2018 

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Great News!


Afterpay and Hydro Mart Hydroponics have teamed up to offer Hydro Mart customers the opitunity to buy now and pay later with Afterpay. This is a interest free service as long as payments are made on time and the customer gets the product once Afterpay have accepted the order. For more information on Afterpay please follow this link.


This is great news for everyone who wants get get a hydroponic system running but does not have the up front investment which is needed to get all the bits and pieces required for a great hydroponic system to grow plants quickly and easily.


If you are a customer which is looking to setup a hydroponic system and would like to have special packages made up please contact us or see our Combo catagory for different combo deals.